An update post: Where have i been?

I know it has been awhile since my last post and i wanted to thank you all for the positive messages I’ve received on it. It warmed my heart to read! However, I admit I have been slacking in blog content lately which has partially been because I’ve been busy but also partially because I’ve been lazy (whoops!). So to make up for that, here is what I’ve been up to since my last post!

In the beginning of September was PAX West, which was a blast! It was so nice seeing and hanging out with our American friends again. Coming home from that however I realized that the merch stuff I had set in motion wasn’t progressing so I had to stop working with that company and find another one that could do the same type of stuff, plus make all new designs. It has worked itself out by now and things are now moving forward but it did end up taking a lot more time than i had initially planned.
At the end of September was Sean’s trial tour with his new live show: “How Did We Get Here?”. I couldn’t go and had to stay home, which was fine because I thought I could FINALLY get some writing done!… I didn’t get any writing done. I got lazy and spent the entire week playing video games as well as prepping videos for The next tour.

Arin, Danny and Sean on stage at the Apollo O2 in Manchester.

Fast forward to the beginning of October. Sean comes home overjoyed about the success of his trial tour and incredibly excited about doing more only to find himself with two days to prep for the next tour with The Game Grumps called Ready Player 3. I had already used my week off for prep so I took those two days to try and help him out in any small way I could. After that we went on a very delayed flight to Amsterdam to meet up with The Grumps and from there on out, the next two weeks went by incredibly fast. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever had the privilege to attend and I am forever grateful for the opportunity that was given to me. We went through so many beautiful cities in so many countries. First Amsterdam then Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen (my personal favorite), Cardiff, London, Manchester and at the very end Dublin. It was an experience I will never forget so thank you to everyone who came out to those shows, you made driving 24 hours cross country absolutely worth it!

But here we are! All caught up and Now onward towards the rest of November and most definitely December and Christmas times! Which i am very much looking forward to!

Thank you so much for reading and thank you for being patient with me on my hopefully fun but granted very messy and unorganized blogging adventures!

Thanks for reading,



40 thoughts on “An update post: Where have i been?

  1. I loved Copenhagen as well! I hope you got my letter! My team was called Rosalina and that is my name, so I had an amazing time<


  2. I am glad hearing from you. I hope Ready Player 3 was a nice trip for you. I would love to travel just like you with my friends. Your posts make a good method to disconnect in my free time between classes. I hope that you’ll post soon an another blog update. – With love, Raven.


  3. I’m loving your blog Signe! I had a heart felt comment and then got deleted and I forgot it(yaaaay). But anyway. I hope you have fun and great day. You can tell Séan he’s a crazie.

    I’ll be seeing you around, Signe!


  4. that scarf looks cozy and fashionable! How was Dublin? I have heard that place is pretty amazing to travel to….hope you and Sean are doing wonderful. lots of love and happy wishes to the both of youuu


  5. Hi Signe! It’s so nice to hear from you again! I really do hope you two had fun on tour with the Grumps, because I’m guessing Ready Player Three was amazing! (I didn’t go, because I’m over here in America…*cries silently*) Anways, it’s always nice to hear from you!


  6. That’s awesome. I’m glad you’re doing good. I look forward to new posts. One other thing, I love your style. Were do you get most of your clothes?


  7. Had the privilege of meeting you and Sean in Manchester and you were so so nice! I love all of your content tbh, thank you so much for being you!


  8. The woosh is back! I got so happy when I got the notification that you posted on here. I love hearing about what’s been going on in your life, which kinda sounds weird haha. But I really hope that you write more often cause it brightens my day to know that you care enough to have a blog so we can get to know you better and stuff. Keep up the great work!!


  9. Awesome to hear about everything you’ve been up to!!! I’m glad to hear you had fun at the tour and don’t worry, all of us get lazy from time to time 😀
    Hope you have an awesome rest of the year! ^_^

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  10. Yay!!! I’m glad you’ve posted again I love hearing from u on your blog! I’m glad you had so much fun travelling. Here’s to more fun times for u and Sean in the future :D✌🏻✌🏻


  11. Thank you for the update wiishu, I honestly enjoy this blog and your videos every Saturday. I wiishu you the best of luck (See what I did there 😜) in everything. And also I can’t wait for merch to come out, and I’ll save up a bunch of money, because you are a huge inseration. You are an amazing artist, and person. And your tips on handling anxiety and just normal life things are wonderful…sorry just a rabling 16 year old, but to sum this up, I’m so happy you exist and I’m more happy that I became your fan.


  12. Hej Signe!

    Jeg var til Danmark showet med RP3 og det var super fedt! Håber virkelig at de kan komme igen. Det var også en hyggelig blog du lavede på din yt-Channel så man kunne se “backstage” 😊 Du er så cool og dejligt at høre at du har haft det godt. Hils Sean og hav det godt ❤️


  13. I got do excited when I saw the notification pop up! I am so glad you are having a good time, and even being lazy sometimes is good. I was super lazy last week and it charged my battery so much!
    Did you and Sean dressed up in Halloween? I saw some pictures of you two with Felix and Marzia ice skating! You are so good at it! And the Royal Pavilion looked so pretty! As well I am so excited for the merch, I hope you find somewhere to do them so I can grab one for myself!
    Have a nice weekend!


  14. I’m so glad you updated your blog it’s always fun reading through your posts and don’t stress yourself too much making this posts and I’m so glad you updated us on your adventures I really hope you have a wonderful day and we love you so much Signe 💚

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  15. I am so happy for all the wonderful things coming your way lately! The Merch will be definitely worth the wait! I wish you the best holiday season, we know you love to celebrate holidays!! Looking forward to all your wonderful Fall/Winter fashion! I hope you both come to Pax East this year, would love to see you!!

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