Brighton Beach Trip:

Last week Sean and i decided we wanted to vlog/blog about the Brighton British Airline i360 Tower. The weather was perfect for it! Unfortunately upon arriving we realized that the tower was closed. Instead we decided that we would spend the day at the beach!
We ended up walking along the beach all the way from the tower and the burnt pier to the new and colorful Brighton Pier! We had a lot of fun and shot a bunch of great photos and videos! Here are some of my favorite pictures i took from that day:

That was it!
A very short, picture filled blog post but i loved the pictures so much i had to share them all! If you follow either mine or Sean’s YouTube channels (which i think most of you do) we both also vlogged our little beach adventure! So if you want to watch this little beach trip then it’s up on YouTube as well!
Thank you so much for reading/taking a look!



36 thoughts on “Brighton Beach Trip:

  1. I love these pictures, Signe! I suppose you used your Canon to shoot these. I can’t wait to see what other pictures you take, especially since you have a great eye for beautiful images.

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  2. Beautiful day for a walk on beach! All of pictures are gorgeous and your vlog was so relaxing ❤ Your content is amazing and you're awesome


  3. Wiish, you are giving me, a poor college student, a serious case of wanderlust with these photos. Never have I wanted to abandon my education for a trip around the world more. And I would absolutely love to visit Brighton one day, it looks so nice. I’m glad you had fun and thank you for sharing your day with us, both in your vlog and here with your beautiful photos!


  4. Loving these photos, hoping to get into photography soon. I also suggest Isle of Write at Summer, it is a gorgeous place especially at the Osborne House (Get some history there too) and some pebbled beaches are really pretty. 🙂


  5. The pictures are beautiful .. after j saw yours and Sean’s vlogs I had to go see it .. It was so beautiful thank you for sharing it with us


  6. Those pics are beautiful! I especially love the pics from the birds and the sunset in the backround.
    I really want to visit Brighton one day!
    Keep up the good work! ^^❤

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  7. Love the pics.
    I’ve been to Brighton once. 6 years ago. And I miss it so much. It was around Christmas so all the lights were up and so pretty.
    I’m from Denmark too just so you know 🙂
    I really hope to meet you someday. I’m a really big fan of you and Sean.
    Love Malene

    P.S. Sorry for my English. My gramma sucks

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  8. Both the video and the pictures we’re gorgeous Wiish! I’m glad you guys had a good time. What was your favorite thing that you and Jackie did on your day on the beach?


  9. Your blog posts make me so happy!! I love hearing about what you do! Also your vlog this weekend was so calming and made me feel so relaxed. Keep up the good work 😄

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  10. Your recent vlog is so gorgeous. I love the last clip where you recorded all the birds flying freely in the sky. It’s so calming. Plus the background music is beautiful. Love everything you are doing!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!! :^)

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  11. those pictures are amazing! i especially love the shots of the pebble beach and waves and that one shot of you leaning against the wall, the lighting in that one is so wonderfully soft and you look amazing! 😀

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  12. Very beautiful pictures Signe! I also seen the videos that you and Sean posted. Love you guys so much! Keep up the AWESOME job ❤❤❤


  13. a great read, and woah!! those photos are really awesome, and very very pretty. do you plan to do another blog post when you can actually go on the i360 tower? 🙂

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  14. Looks like you had a wonderful day! The vlogs were great too, Brighton looks like so much fun! I’m actually going there for a wedding in the Summer, any places to recommend seeing while we’re there?

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