Update – First week on Keto!

Here we are again, another update on what’s going on with me, my life and everything that might be involved with that! As I mentioned in my last update post I’ve been trying out a ketogenic diet to try and get a good head start on my New Years resolution of losing weight. Mind you I’m only on my first week of keto so don’t let my exaggerations (I really don’t think I’m exaggerating though) scare you into not trying it out for yourselves. If you think keto is the way forward for you then by all means research it and try it out! Anyway, here is my experience with it so far:

Now I’ve read up on the whole keto diet thing to the best of my abilities so I knew somewhat of what I was getting myself into, especially during the first week. However that didn’t prepare me for how much my body HATED the idea of switching from burning carbs to fat. I had an absolute miserable first couple of days! I knew keto-flu was common in the first week and I expected to feel tired but what I felt was absolute agony! Not only did every day feel like I was wading through chest-high water, I also had frequent headaches and worst of all, a whole day where i could barely move due to horrible stomach pains. It’s been a long time since my body has been that uncomfortable and to think a small change in diet did that is actually kind of incredible. I am however, feeling much better now. The fatigue is almost completely gone and I feel as if I can actually begin to think about working out properly. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to jump head first into P90X3 yet or if I will just warm myself up to the thought of it with some light jogging and muscle exercises. It’ll probably end up being the latter.
Every person experiences the keto-flu differently. Some don’t even feel it at all! So please don’t get discouraged just because I had a nightmare-ish time transitioning into it. Sean didn’t feel much of anything until a couple of days had passed and even so it was only mild fatigue. Despite all this hardship and lethargy that has come with this diet, I weighed myself, both when I started and again just now at the end of the first week, and I am happy to conclude that I’ve actually lost weight! It’s amazing to see progress after just one week but it’s there and I will hold on to it for all of it’s worth and keep working hard! Speaking of which, I ran on the treadmill for the first time since forever, again yesterday and even though I was horribly out of shape and could barely focus on running for more than 15 minutes at a time, it felt good to be working towards a goal. I also treated myself to a long hot shower afterwards, which helped ease the pain a lot haha.
So please, if you are also trying your best and are willing to share, tell me about your resolution progress! It’s always a good motivation booster to hear other peoples experiences, at least it is for me!

Thanks so much for reading,



36 thoughts on “Update – First week on Keto!

  1. I started keto in November, my first week was fine, 2nd & 3rd week was a different story, my head was in a fog but I’m good now 😀 30 lbs down since.. I’m glad i stuck to it, I need to visit the gym, I’ve been so lazy when I’m not busy lol


  2. Good Morning! I have been on Keto for about 3 weeks now. Yesterday I found that I’ve lost 6 pounds! I didn’t know how I would handle not eating many carbs and the transition my body would go through. I feel like I have more energy and I’m less hungry now that I’ve gotten down what I can eat and and most importantly finding easy snack ideas. I’m sold on this “diet.” It’s the best decision I have made! Congratulations on starting this journey and keep it up 🙂

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  3. My main resolutions were to try to battle my anxiety a little more effectively than I have done for uh..the last 20 years or so haha.. and to continue gaining weight healthily. So far so good I think, I rarely leave the house, but I have made plans to go to 2 guinea pig shows in the upcoming months although I wont be showing any of my own babies just yet, i’ll be watching and (hopefully!) try to talk to other people there and get to know some people. I’ve also got a custom built enclosure coming for them, which required actually engaging with another human to order…another step forward, I think. Taking delivery of it however will be fun, letting someone I dont know carry something upstairs for me will be…interesting.

    As for the weight gain, slow progress is slow, as ever. But I have gained some, and have come from only being able to have liquids so being able to eat 4 times a day isnt something to scoff at 🙂 I vowed never to go back onto the liquid diet, but I have recently restarted that alongside my regular diet in the hopes of the extra calories being beneficial, so fingers crossed.


  4. Hey Wiish!
    I’m glad you’re already making progress! It sounds like you had a really rough track at the start, but that’s just success! It’s not straight, it’s all wibbly wobbly. But don’t give up!

    This isn’t my resolution, but at scouts i’m having to do a 5 week fitness trial AND have to show improvement. I’ve chosen Walking/jogging, and as I’m having to start this week I’ve just started light and chosen to take my grandparent’s dog for a walk. But my end goal is to jog to the beach, which, luckily, my house is near. But not too near though, or it wouldn’t be a challenge 😛

    But anyways, I think you should just start light and then work your way up from there. Not only will just suddenly forcing yourself to do something will make your body very confused and not happy, you’ll be able to see the progress from “just running up the road” to being able to run a marathon haha XD

    Hope your getting better though, the both of you! X


  5. Thank you for sharing your experience! As a broke college student thinking about starting, what do you recommend? Buying carb-y foods, like pasta and rice, in bulk are typically the cheaper option, but eating only that can get a bit unhealthy.


  6. Hi Signe!
    I’m a cross country runner, and my new year’s resolution is to break 23 minutes on the 5000m! Sorry, I don’t want to make anyone feel bad about their physical fitness– being healthy is really dang hard, and I understand that.
    I just wanted to say that I’m glad you’re sticking to your resolutions– I just want to make 100% sure that you’re doing it for healthy reasons [like health, or fulfillment, or something like that]. I had something near anorexia for awhile, and it’s made me extra worried about the way people seem to equate body with body image. Never think that your body has anything to do with you as a person, okay?
    Okay, now that we’re past that, I can wish you good luck. Good luck!


  7. I’m happy that it’s starting to work out for you, Signe! Despite the keto flu part, of course. Either way, it’s nice that you’re pushing yourself to do better.

    Personally I’ve been trying to make a habit of finding the silver lining in everything. I’m not exactly pessimistic, but I have the tendency to put myself down for ALL of my mistakes, especially the little ones. Knowing that someone sweet and passionate like you can dedicate themselves to a healthier lifestyle is super motivating for me. I’m rooting for you! And hopefully by the end of this year I can maintain a P.M.A ^^


  8. I really want to try this diet out one day. And I defiantly will (after researching it of course) as soon as I’m able to, thanks for introducing it to me :3

    This may be a random request, but if you ever have time, would you consider doodling you, Sean and all your cute plants? Id love to see that in your style. Also, when it comes to art, what draws you toward artists and artstyle?

    Sorry for the randomness


  9. My ‘progress’ with my resolutions is going ok I guess. My resolution was to be more creative, which may seem ‘dumb’ but I use to love drawing and the past couple of year I haven’t been in the ‘creative spirit’ so i made it my new years resolution to try to be more creative. I have done some drawing, a lot of watercolour painting and does playing the piano count as being creative? I guess so.

    I’m glad your happy with the progress you’ve made.

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  10. I so glad to hear you pushed through the hard first week. I find when things are really difficult off the hop and then improve, I’m so likely to give in because I feel like it isn’t going to get better. I’m proud of you. I can’t wait to hear how it goes over the next little while.

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  11. In your last post you talked about getting more confidence by losing weight and that is a really harnful way of thinking for a young woman who looks to be at a healthy weight.
    You should be more careful with your word choices and overall message of your posts now that you have a bigger audience. What kind of message do you want to send to young girls struggling with self-image? That the only thing that matters is being skinny and losing weight?

    I hope you and Sean don’t get too caught up with the idea of losing wieght, it is so so easy to get lost in the numbers and restrictive eating habits, :c
    I wish you all the best and I hope you understand that all of this is coming from a caring place.


  12. Wow that sounds so intense! But you got here! That’s awesome! My diet is based on being ‘sana’ It’s a way of living, made by someone in Belgium. The first two weeks i felt so tired!!! It was a huge transition! I didn’t have any stomach pains though so I guess I was lucky 🙂

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  13. Truly hoping you feel better now! Stay strong Signe! We believe in you! I believe Sean is doing the diet as well, how is he feeling? Did he get any of this symptoms like you did?
    I hope you have a nice week!
    Love, Sara 💕💕


  14. As soon as I heard you two were doing a keto diet and said oh man that first week is gonna SUCKKKK!! I did it for like 2 weeks and day 3 was awful! I was super lethargic, had a slight headache and super aggressive because i jadnt eaten carbs in 3 day and was like damn its only been 3 days…this is how i die isnt it? Lol

    But after that first week I FELT FANTASTIC DUDE! I was super happy I stuck with it but then I had to stop because I accidentally ate cake during my brothers birthday party amd and ruined it. It was on reflex!! XD

    Ill try again later this year but I gotta work up the courage to get through days 3 and 4 again! Haha

    Good luck! Great update!

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  15. Hi Wiishu.
    Good for you two tackling this keto diet. I’ve heard Sean say how much he loves sugar so I’m wondering how he feels about this complete change.

    My husband and I are on the 5-day diet and it has been a bit of a struggle. Our first “free” weekend we tore the sucka down and ate far too much and backslid with our weight loss, each losing a net of 2 pounds – which is great but not as good as if we’d been in control over the weekend.

    We are better mentally this week. We made some minor alterations to the diet and replaced a couple things we hate with things we can tolerate.

    Good luck! Looking forward to the next update.


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  16. I’m glad you’re pushing through, you’ve got this Wiish!

    I’ve been working on some of my resolutions. My friends and I have started playing Just Dance on the Switch to start a bit of exercise and weight loss ourselves. It might be a long shot, but in the meanwhile, we’re having fun! And I’ve definitely been reading more and keeping myself organized in school.

    All in all, this year’s off to a good start!

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  17. Make sure you get your electrolytes!
    Like potassium, magnesium and sodium. Helps with your energy levels and make sure you don’t get the “Keto flu” so hard.
    Best foods to eat for electrolytes are advocado, spinach, dark chocolate and plenty of salt.
    Been on the keto diet for 3 weeks now and I’ve seen great results. I didn’t get the “keto flu” but I’m first now understanding how important electrolytes are.
    Good luck moving forward😄

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  18. Oh man, nice hot showers are the best after a run!
    But also I am so happy that you are seeing results so quickly after starting! It definitely helps with the motivation to keep at it! 😃

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  19. Oh yeah… umm my resolution to get in better shape is going really well… *cough* I had a salad the other day. Jk, I haven’t made any progress but I’m going to use school as an excuse. (All jokes aside, thanks for writing this Wiishu you have inspired to really try and work towards my goal) 😄

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  20. Since my resolutions were to deal with anxiety and depression better I’ve made little progress but it’s still progress I guess. I’ve started by trying to take out anything and anyone negative in my life so I can try to recover and been trying to eat more sine I do suffer from anorexia. I’ve also finally got past anxiety and joined my high school art class and now I’m one of the best artist in the room, or so everyone says, but that’s the little progress I have going ❤

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  21. I’ve always wanted to lose some weight and get into shape but it never worked because I love to eat snacks so much 😛 How do you manage to stick to this diet for so long? Because every time I’m trying to eat less, I can’t resist the temptation of eating snacks/food :/
    Also congrats on your progress 😀

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  22. Aren’t keto diet really bad for you? I know they work really well, but all of my doctors say it’s a bad choice. Maybe that’s just because of my diabetes. If that’s the case, then good for you, Signe, for pushing through.


  23. I dont really have the motivation to work out more than two times a week, i dont really feel like i have a reason for it.
    Im Working on making more stories tho in different kind of mediums, but its kind of hard to get started and finish your projects. Do you have any advice at getting the motivation to do things?

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  24. I’m glad you got through the first week ok! I haven’t tried keto, but I’ve heard that a lot of people go straight back to comfort foods when the keto flu hits and they have to start over.

    My main goal this year is to just be smarter with money. I’m doing alright so far, I’m actually making meals instead of buying premade stuff. It’s healthier by far and saves me a little money, plus I get to try to build up my severely lacking kitchen skills.

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  25. Really cool that you are doing this! I’ve been looking into some diets and exercising plans, but this one seems most interesting so far! Good luck with keeping it up and may you reach the goals you’re working towards!

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  26. Oh my gosh! My New Years reseolution is going great so far! My new years resolution was to draw more and find my style of art, and I’ve found a style I really like and enjoy doing! And it’s made me want to draw more, and it’s working! I’m so glad that I follow many artists such as yourself to see what kind of art interests me. ^-^ And I’m happy that your Diet is working out for you! 😀

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  27. I’m so happy that you are reaching your New Years results and I’m so sorry you had a hard time adjusting and I’m so glad it past and I really hope you keep going and I think I might try it and good luck
    Love you so much

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  28. So one of my resolutions was to finally see my doctor about my anxiety. This was also my resolution last year however I never achieved it. But finally, I gained the dermination to see her and got medication for it! I’m not so good at remember to take medication though. However that’s just the next step to success 🙂 x

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