Four Highlights From the month of January:

January has been the fresh start we all needed after the calamity that was 2017. Even though this month has had it’s up’s and downs it has certainly had WAY more up’s than downs! For example, Sean hosted a very successful charity towards the American Suicide Prevention Foundation and raised almost 227’000$ for people in need. I finally opened up my own merch store called wiishushop, which has me very excited for the future!
And now here we are. Let’s continue this positive mental attitude (PMA!!) all the way into February as well as the rest of the year! As so, I want to share some of my favorite things from the month of January, enjoy!


Apple Tea:

Apple tea has been my absolute lifesaver during the month of January. I’m a big lover of tea and I’ve always loved apple tea but up until recently I had only drunken (drank?) green tea. Thus I had forgotten how good fruit tea tastes! Now I have finally expanded my tea palette (which I really should do more often) and I have made room for more apple tea in my life, which is a decision I’m sure I won’t regret any time soon!


Zelda, Breath of The Wild:

I have been obsessed with Zelda BoTW lately and it’s gotten to the point of me sitting up until it’s 3 am just so I can play for the utmost amount of time I possibly can. I absolutely loved the game when it first came out but I didn’t finish it, so now I have picked it up again and I am determined to finish it this time around! Plus playing this game again gave me such a feeling of nostalgia for some reason. I have never gotten as invested in a Zelda game as much as I have this one. I had forgotten how charming it was! Another benefit of playing is that I get to play alongside Sean on the couch, which is just super cosy! Are any of you guys still playing? Maybe some of you have bought the DLC? Please tell me about your experience with it and how far you are and if you aren’t playing now, maybe also if you plan on picking it up again any time soon? I would love to hear about it!
P.S. my horses are named Butters, Burpers and Big Boy if you where curious.


Beach walks:

I had the privilege of taking some much needed walks near the ocean this month that I really enjoyed as well as snapping a tonne of pictures while there! Taking the time to just be outside in the fresh air is so so important and I think a lot of people forget that. I, myself especially, need to remind myself to get outside more often because it’s so easy to just lock myself away in front of my computer writing blog posts, recording YouTube videos or working on whatever project I’ve thought of for that particular week. That’s why I need to get off my ass and get into gear! The ocean is right there and it’s so beautiful, I might as well take advantage of my location!


Because I’ve been restricted to a new diet, cooking for myself has been my number 1 priority and it’s been so fun! Cooking has always been a passion of mine and something I enjoy doing but cooking exclusively for myself was still always kind of a chore. That’s why I’m happy I’ve gotten to do it a lot more this month, for both me and Sean and I’ve been super grateful for his help with everything. I can’t wait to look up more keto friendly recipes to try out for February! I definitely still have trouble with good snacks, maybe some of you have some handy tips and tricks? Let me know!


However January isn’t over yet, so I hope the rest of the month treats you all as well as it has treated me. I will definitely keep on working hard to keep the good vibes flowing and also continue to try to keep myself in a healthy and happy environment!

Thanks for reading!






39 thoughts on “Four Highlights From the month of January:

  1. I played the game in July, but I still doodle Teba, one of my favourite characters. ( The hero accompanying the player in the battle against Divine beast Vah Medoh.) I also adore all of the characters in the game because they are FABULOUS. They are all so nicely designed and voice acted. especially Teba. My other favourite character is Urbosa, because who the hell is cooler than her. P.S I’m still in middle school, but I want you to know if you ever see this that I love your artwork and photography. I want to be able to digitally draw as nice as you one day. I hope you have an amazing day!

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  2. I’m glad you’ve had a great January. I hope that Keto diet is still working out. And I was curious as to what turntable you and Sean own. Thanks! I hope February is a great month for you too, and I’m looking to forward to what you post!


  3. Hey Wiishu, I love this blog and I love that you’ve been writing a lot more lately! I also really enjoyed Jack’s charity stream, and the pictures and footage you guys took of your beach walk were absolutely stunning! And congrats on making your shop :3


  4. Loved this post! It was a nice read, especially cause I’ve been feeling so stressed lately. A reminder for me to focus on the good things, instead of always focusing on the bad.

    Also, was that last picture featuring one of Marzia’s ceramics from her shop? Was thinking about buying the set myself. Do you like it?


  5. Glad to hear your having a great start to the year! Even though the keto diet does make finding snacks hard, I do have a few suggestions: Yogurt mixed with granola (and peanut butter if you’re extra hungry), and just apple slices with peanut butter is delicious (mixing cinnamon into the peanut butter adds a bit more flavor). Hope you continue having a great year!


  6. Hey fellow tea person

    If you like tea so much you can look a it’s a site that reviews teas. You can write about your favorite tea and learn about tea.


  7. Well, I’m glad January has been treating you well! I’ve had my ups and downs as well, but I’ve been trying to keep my head high. As hard as it’s been, my PMA has improved a bit. This is the year I wanna work on myself… and my relationship with my twin (she annoys the living crap out of me, but I’m trying to manage). So far it’s been hard but I think I can make improvements. I just need to stick to my plans.

    I’m really enjoying these posts, I feel like it’s kind of a safe space for me. I tend to ramble but I appreciate the constant positivity here. ^^

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    1. Another twin eh? Haha I get what you mean, I had a period like that with my sister! Don’t worry though, it’ll work itself out!
      Thank you for the sweet words! This sorta feels like my safe space too. 🙂
      Good luck with it all!

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  8. Hey Wiishu,
    Your January sound so fun and amazing.
    For me, we had a school trip to an eco lounge on an island in a lake. There were so much fun activities such as mountain biking, Hiking, Rock climbing on real rocks on real mountains (SO COOL), Kayaking and some community service to help the locals.
    Other than my slight problems with my resolutions
    My January seems great.

    p.s. Love your posts ❤

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  9. My 2018 so far hasn’t been fantastic but, unlike in 2017, I’m not giving up and i will make things get better. Also, i haven’t tried apple tea before (ill have to if you say its good tho) but i LOVE raspberry tea 😛

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  10. I got Breath of the Wild for Christmas, and I spent all of my possible time on it! Unfortunately, when my college classes started back up, I was unable to play it as often. I’m hoping to get back into it soon! (My horse’s name is Dotti, by the way!)
    Good luck with the Keto diet and have a wonderful rest of January 🙂

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  11. Sounds like you’re having a great month! I’m in love with BOTW too. Little tip that I learned! When I went through the castle I kept alerting the monsters around me and the guardians, so stock up on sneaky food and try to get sneaky gear and speedy stuff so you can outrun the Guardians if needed. If you don’t have the rupees, go to Death Mountain and get some jewels and sell them.

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  12. Sometimes it’s really the small things that make the biggest impact ^_^ I really wanna play BoTW but don’t have the switch or anything that would support it (old style wii user here haha) but it looks like a beautiful game (Big boy for the win though!) I wanna try cooking more myself, be a grown up since I’m now one. Also just saw your vlog and I’m really happy that 2018 is still a great year, hoping to buy some merch if I have money! Keep doing what you love wiishu, we’re all here for support! 🙂

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  13. I’ve been playing BotW and it’s amazing! I’ve never played or owned a Zelda game before, but this one is fantastic. My horses are named Cocoa and Blackie 🙂 I just love exploring and working through the game at my own pace. It reminds me of World of Warcraft, which is a game I have played and love since I was very little.

    I’m glad you’ve been having a lovely January! I hope the energy and motivation carries through the rest of the year!

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  14. Hi, Signe I don’t know if you read the comments but if you do then I strongly suggest that you and Sean block and Report jasmine_5228 on twitter. She is being very creepy towards Sean and is calling him Babe, Mi Amour and Sweetie as well as Falsely accusing you of cheating on him with some guy she made up.

    Please be safe. She’s an obessive fangirl
    Also love the blog =)

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    1. Yeah I know of her. She’s been doing that ever since we first started going out. She’s been trying to frame me for a bunch of different things and calling me all sorts of things, throughout the years. Even going as far as to make false tweets and “messages”, though I don’t take any of it to heart. She’s incredibly insecure and it really just says a lot more about her than it does about me. Don’t pay her any attention, she won’t stop even if i block her and if Sean blocks her she makes a new account. Best thing we can do is ignore her. *shrug*
      Don’t worry about her! She’s just one bad egg in a basket of besties (You guys)!

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    1. Please research it thoroughly before you begin! Hard keto is not a diet you should stay on for longer periods of time and it’s mostly a diet designed to make you lose weight. If you are looking to get healthier then i suggest cutting out your sugars and saturated fats and exercising regularly! Though if you are responsible with it and looking to loose weight then I definitely recommend it! Good luck!

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  15. I’ve never played Zelda but I sure will someday! Also January started so great but now it’s going back to being like the past months and that’s not good 😓
    I’m trying to stay positive and that’s why I’m spending more time on the internet and my friends get angry 😔 well. Shame. I wanna be happy and I will take as much time as I need! ✌
    Anyway that’s super cute that you and Sean can play together (or next to ech other). Hope this year will be only better for you for Sean for me and for everyone else 💚💖💚

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  16. You could try googling some good snacks to have! A fitness girl I follow loves earing avocado toast with tomatoes and seasoning. If you like avocadoes you could try that! Maybe find a low carb bread too!

    I love your merch designs and can’t wait til I can buy a pin!

    Hope it all works out!

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  17. My sister is on the keto diet and for snacks she loves kale chips. She even created like “pepperoni chips” by heating it in the oven til they’re crunchy like a chip!

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  18. I’m so glad your year has started out so well and a little i can give you for snacks on the Keto diet first search them on Pinterest and second my recommendation for a snack is apple or pear slices I really hope that helps and I really hope the rest of the year keep getting better and better 💚

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