Plants 101 – Meet My Greens!

As you may already know I happen to be quite fond of plants. Big, small, leafy or prickly I love them all equally and I want to own as many as possible! Every day I get so many questions about my plants, which ones do I have? How do I care for them? Etc. So I thought it would be fun to make a post about the plants I have and share my green family with you guys! So, without further ado, here are some fun facts about my small green friends!

Swiss Cheese Plant/Monstera Deliciosa:

This is my Monstera Deliciosa or as it’s better known, Swiss Cheese Plant. It’s probably my favorite plant out of all the plants I own, as well as the biggest! I love it’s luscious green glossy leaves, there is just something so entrancing about them! That and the fact that this beast grows really fast is something I love about it as well. I’ve seen pictures of them on Instagram where they are absolutely massive! I hope that someday I will get to see my little plant bean at the same monstrous size. I do however, need to buy a mister to pamper this plant properly!
This guy has a place in the living room to give him as much light as possible without having him in direct sunlight, which is what these big boys prefer. Watering them is fairly easy. I do it every other day when the soil has dried after the last watering. They are very big tropical plants so if you are looking in to getting one, make sure they get a fair bit of water each time.
In conclusion, these plants are wonderful to have and are very easy to take care of. They are climbers though so if you want a big tall plant you’ll have to support them with a moss stick or something of similar structure. In any case, these are big beautiful plants that will light up any room they are placed in and that’s why I love them.


Tangerine Tree/Citrus Reticulata:

This is my Tangerine Tree or Citrus Reticulata! I think this might be a dwarven variation but I can’t confirm that until I see it grow for myself. Fun fact: This was one of the first plants to ever enter the new house! Bought him a couple of weeks after we moved in. Thus this little guy is not very old which means he’s not going to bloom for another couple of years. It’s also the reason why I have left him to kinda grow as he sees fit. He does need serious pruning though but I’ll leave that for some springtime sniptime (lol). This is a small and wonderful smelling plant which is moderately easy to take care of and brings a little more color and life to your indoor environment while still having those beautiful green leaves! I’ve placed this guy in a sunny windowsill in my kitchen because it’s important that this plant gets a lot of sunlight. Watering this guy is very much in the same lane as the Swiss Cheese Plant. Water it once every other day when the soil has dried and make sure to mist the leaves to really make him feel good! I can’t wait for summertime because that’s when this guy really shines! Hopefully he will bear some fruit again this year!



Now I have quite a few succulents around the house so I won’t bore you with listing all of them. I do however want to tell you about how lovely they are to have around! First of all, they are extremely easy to take care of. A good tip is to keep these guys in clay pots or something that drains water well. Over watering your succulents can cause them to rot from the inside out and die which is something I think we all would like to avoid, plant included. These guys are otherwise very robust and can survive for long periods of time without water. That doesn’t mean that they enjoy it though! So make sure you water them a few days a week but generously. Giving them some good sunlight is also something they enjoy, which is why these hardcore plants usually have a place in most corners of a room (so long that that corner gets a fair bit of sun).
There is a million different types of succulents and they come in all different sizes and shapes, so while you may not like some you still have a huge variety of other cool plants left to choose from!


And there you have it! A little more info about the green leafed side of my life and the plants that occupy it. I hope you liked it and maybe even found it interesting! I love plants and I really want to learn how to take better care of them.
If you are looking for a nice houseplant keep these things in mind and remember to research the needs of the plants that you choose. Otherwise just have fun taking care of your cool new oxygen making little friends!

Thanks for reading!



33 thoughts on “Plants 101 – Meet My Greens!

  1. Hey wiish I liked your new plant video but I was kind of sad that it wasn’t something with your beautiful face btw I have been doing a lot of fan art lately so that’s also one of the reasons.


  2. Wow, I never knew about the effects of over-watering succulents, gotta be careful with Vesta (a string of buttons) and Castiel (blanking on his type). Also, it was nice to “meet your greens!”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have a succulent, don’t know how it’s called but it’s closed up and tall and the leaves are spiky. I like it! I named it Sally hehehe. She’s honestly the sweetest because she stays strong when I forget to water her. Thanks for this post! I really enjoyed knowing about your plants and now I promise I’ll take better care of Sally.
    Have a nice week!
    Love, Sara 💜


  4. I really love houseplants and back during the summer I had a bunch of succulents, they didn’t do well in the house even though I did my best to take care of them, they just got too cold. I didn’t realize, until I saw you talking about your Swiss Cheese Plant, that my mum and I actually had one a long time ago. We took it to my grandmothers house down by the coast where it’s super warm and since then it has absolutely thrived and become massive! We’re talking about getting another one to keep at our house now, I can’t wait!

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  5. I’ve wanted a tangerine tree since I first saw it in one of your earlier videos and I ask my mom about it very frequently since she’s into plants as well. My house is on the verge of becoming a jungle

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  6. Loved this post Signe! I actually got into succulents because of you, so now I have a few little babies of my own! As soon as I am able to move into a new apartment (that actually gets sunlight), I want to invest more in plants and have a whole family haha. (Also, your tangerine tree is probably my favorite out of them all!)

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  7. Your plants are absolutely beautiful, they have a sort of simplistic appeal to them. I kill just about every plant I touch, but I do find it quite nice that you take such careful care of them. They’re so nice! I hope to one day (properly) care for a peppermint plant. It smells heavenly to me.^^

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  8. These plants are so lovely! I only own one bonsai and two cute little cacti but I hope that I’ll have much more in the future. 🌱
    I think the next thing I wanna get is the Tangerine Tree. (Hopefully I can take care of all them)

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Wow! Someday I wish to own as many plants as you but that’s probably not going to happen for a while since I still live with my parents. Just two more years, then I can own all the plants I want! Thank you for inspiring me to be a green thumb 💕

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  10. Your plants look so cool! I’m really interested in them because they’re a great way of spicing up a room. One question though, what kind types of cacti do you have? Especially the one in the picture! I’m really interested in the cacti since they don’t take lots of work and it’s very hot where I live.


  11. I love how much you love your green friends! I had a couple of succulents in my dorm this year, but they have unfortunately all passed. I think I might have overwatered them, oops 😦 I’m hoping to get some more, though, because they really brighten the place up!

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  12. The most I’ve ever grown alone were morning glory flowers and I loved them. Btw, I remember in your first reading your comments video someone asked about if you name your plants. You said you’d take suggestions so do any of them have names yet?


  13. absolutely love this post! i just moved into my new apartment in nyc and immediately went out to buy as many plants as i could, but i find with house gloomy and cold it’s been here, it isn’t as easy to keep all the babies super healthy. i even started taking in already dying plants to try to nurse them back to health. but i do have a question about your tangerine tree, getting an orange tree is next on my list of plants to get and i was wondering if you’d recommend waiting until the cold, cloudy weather is gone to purchase one?


  14. This is so lovely! I’m going to live by myself very soon and my main goal is to have as many plants as possible haha. I’m definitely going for a Monstera and some succulents after this, but well, who knows! Have a good one Wiish!

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  15. I love all of your plants they are so beautiful and thank you so much for all the information about them and how to take care of them because i have a succulent in my house and i really want to take care of it properly and I also have a monstera deliciosa so thank you again and much love ❤️

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  16. a really interesting read once again, you can really feel the enthusiasm you have for you’re plants through the words you’ve written. is there any plants that you wish to get in the future?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much!
      I definitely want to get more big plants! So more Swiss Cheese plants as well as some types of hanging plants (I haven’t decided on those yet). I guess I’ll just have to go and see what catches my eye!

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