5 Electronics I Use Almost Every Day Without Thinking About It.

I know, it’s an odd post for me to make. Electronics? Really Signe are you sure you want to delve into that whole mess? My answer: Yes, because I use so many different electronics every single day for both work and leisure and they have become such an integrated part of my life that I barely think about just how much time of my day I spend sitting with either my phone or in front of my computer.
That’s why in today’s post I thought I would give you an insight into what I actually use and for what. Hopefully this won’t bore you too much or in the worst case scenario leave you thinking: “Wow, she has absolutely no clue as to what she is talking about.” That’s why I’m not even going to think about those outcomes and just jump in to it instead! I will also leave a few suggestions for cool nifty software’s that I tend to use quite often at the end of this post, just in case you might be interested. *wink*


My iPhone 6 S

First thing on the list is my trusty iPhone 6 S. This phone has been with me for a little over a year now and I’m still amazed that I haven’t managed to break it yet. It’s still very much intact and working like a dream, which means it already has me ticking off a few boxes for what a good phone should be able to do, a year after it’s been handed to you. I use this wherever I go and I feel vulnerable, almost naked, leaving the house without it. I think we all feel like that with our phones nowadays. Even just leaving it idle on the desk for too long can make you feel like you are missing out on the latest news.
Though as much of a must-have as a phone have become I think it’s important to set boundaries, especially if you work from home. Your phone becomes such a big distraction when you are sitting down at your computer trying to get those new emails answered, your most recent video edited or when you want to finish that blog post you’ve been working on all day (all stuff I have caught myself being distracted from btw). Not only is putting your phone on silent and upside down (then I can neither see nor hear the notifications) good for productivity but it’s also just good for your health. We connect with so many people through our phones every day and thus you end up having people pushing for your attention constantly, especially if you are somewhat of an internet personality. I think it’s important to remember that these things can stress you out quite a bit and that taking an evening without the internet readily available on your phone, can really clear your head and leave you feeling much more refreshed.

My Portable Charger aka. The BEAST:

Absolutely LOVE this portable charger! It’s huge, clunky and otherwise quite an eyesore but it’s an absolute beast when it comes to charging power and it has saved my phone’s battery life more times than I can count on my hands by now. This is one of those electronics you will always find me with at airports when I’m travelling. It’s just good sense to have something portable to charge your electronics and you require something powerful if you are travelling with gaming consoles like the Switch (which I always am lol). This charger has 4 ports so both Sean and I can charge our phones while on the plane.
Like I said, this is more of a long haul travel essential but I put it on the list because when I can’t find a readily available charger, it’s always right there to save my skin. I just love it so much!


My Trusty Canon Powershot G7 X Camera:

This nifty little camera is what I use to record all of my YouTube videos with! It’s a Canon Powershot G7X Digital Camera and I borrowed it from Sean a couple of months after I started doing YouTube and I’ve been loving it ever since. Because of its size it’s very handy for vlogging which is important. I just feels less annoying when I’m out with people and I have to pull it out to start recording something, which is nice. I always have it with me when I travel. I do however, really want to get the upgraded version, which is the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera but I don’t really need a new camera at the moment, so I keep putting it off. That combined with the sole fact that it’s a lot of money that I don’t have ha ha.


My Large Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet:

Yes, I have a very big art tablet and that’s what I use to draw all my art with. It’s a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet and Sean gifted it to me for Christmas a couple of years ago. I love this tablet to death, though the size can be a little cumbersome sometimes. Still, I use it along with Adobe Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI for all the art that I do. I don’t use it as often as I would like anymore because I have other responsibilities now and thus don’t have as much time to spend on art. Though some days I do just feel the need to swipe the schedule completely just so that I can sit down and draw all day. It’s good to get those creative impulses down on paper (or in my case a digital canvas) as soon as possible!

And that’s it! That was some of the electronics I use most frequently in my day-to-day! I hope you enjoyed reading this more experimental blog post and that you weren’t snoring the entire way through. I figured it might have an interest to some of you out there so that’s why I decided to write it. However, as I said in the beginning, I added some software recommendations at the bottom of the post if you are interested in some of the apps I use for photo editing or to just relax with.

Thank you so much for reading!


Software Recommendations:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017
    I use for a this program for all of my video editing.
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2017
    I use this program for both thumbnailing and photo editing/touch-up’s.
  • Snapseed
    I use this app for basically ALL of my photo editing.
  • LIKEtoKNOW.it
    A really great app if you want to know what your favorite Instagrammer/Blogger is wearing in their posts!
  • Infinite Storm
    Such a great relaxing app. I use this whenever I really have to focus on work and sometimes even just to fall asleep to.



31 thoughts on “5 Electronics I Use Almost Every Day Without Thinking About It.

  1. I really liked this post, especially since I love taking photos. You said it might bore us, but honestly it was quite interesting. The recommendations were very helpful as well, and I downloaded snapseed. Wiishing you the best! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Wiishu !! I’ve been really enjoying these frequent updates on here !!
    I also started doing a keto diet recently and was wondering if you could write about any good, interesting, and/or easy recipes? I am looking to broaden my keto menu and thought maybe you had some input.
    Just a suggestion tho, thanks for keeping up with this blog 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kinda made me think how much I depend on my phone and such for my entertainment. Geez I really need to get back into reading books haha. And I’m still on my Iphone 5 here and still going strong! (Adjusts hippie glasses…) Also thank you for the recommendations and also talking about the tech you use, I’ve been wanting to get more into digital art or taking photographs (BTW, you make the tech look soooo pretty!)

    and I’m saying too much, I’ll go now. (I’m learning something new everyday!)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I actually found this quite informative and useful! I actually enjoy photography a lot and REALLY enjoy playing with cameras. I’ve actually thought of getting that camera but, alas, it’s too expensive and I have other things to focus on momentarily. But thank you for the insight and helpful suggestions! It’s much appreciated as always. ^^

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  5. I really liked this post! I think we all get sticker on a routine and sometimes to be aware of this kind of things is kinda putting back your feet on the ground. The last part, softwares and apps, I really really liked. I always forget and you are always nice enough to say it again and again… which software do you use for drawing?

    Have a nice week Signe!
    Love, Sara💜


  6. I am shopping for a camera, I thought I had it covered but found my camera took a permanent vacation! I guess Christmas was to much for it. Oh well, I guess it’s shopping time, as if I needed a reason to shop.

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  7. if I want to buy a Wacom tablet but I don’t want to buy such an expensive one can you suggest a good but cheaper one? also I really enjoyed the post”-“


  8. I am very addicted to my phone. Which is a bit of a problem, but the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one, right? I think that it is an increasing problem in today’s society and it’s important to do the things you mentioned in order to get work done.

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  9. This is very interesting! I’ve never really thought about the electronics I use on a day to day basis. It’s not something that you think about nowadays because so many electronics have just become an extension of ourselves. I liked that you included turning off our electronics for a bit of productivity and self care. It’s very important. Thanks, Wiishu! ❤

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  10. There’s a iPhone 7s? Don’t you mean a iPhone 6s? I did a bit of research and there isn’t a iPhone 7s. They skipped that generation, and the most recent “s” phone was the iPhone 6s.

    Besides that, thank you for this little “tech” post! I bet other people really wanted to know what you use regularly to draw, record, and use just on a regular basis. Thanks!


    1. It is a thing, the iPhone 7 comes in two sizes, the small size is the iPhone 7, the bigger size (which is the same size as the iPhone 6s) is the iPhone 7s.


      1. No, the iPhone 7s doesn’t exist. There’s a 6, then 6s and 6s+, then 7 and 7+. After 7 they went straight to 8 and X (10)
        (Please correct me if i’m wrong though)

        And besides, the phone in the picture has a headphone jack, and the last iPhone with a headphone jack was the iPhone 6s. .


  11. Hey Signe, this might sound like a stupid question, but is the pen part of the tablet? I know next to nothing about digital drawing (I’m trying to transition to it), but pen and tablets aren’t bought in a package, right? I’m assuming, but again, I barely know anything about that stuff. What kind of pen is that, btw?


  12. Overaskende interessant!
    Jeg er utrolig glad for at du poster mere.
    En ide: Noget om ting man kan lave uden elektronik (læse, bage også eventuelt nogle anbefalinger)
    Glæder mig til næste post/video!


  13. I wasn’t snoring at all! I actually find electronics (especially cameras and editing software) very interesting and it’s something I want to delve into at some point. I personally have a Nikon D5100, which is great at some things but sucky at other things. Also, I’m really glad you included the additional software that you use at the end. I’ve used Adobe software, but the apps I had never heard of and will definitely look more into!

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  14. aah this was really interesting to read! it’s cool to see the sort of products you use and why. also, a i found a real cool app that helps with productivity. essentially, you plant a tree and set the growing time (say, 40 minutes) and then you can’t exit the app for that time span or it’ll die. it’s so useful and really keeps me focused on my revision so i thought i’d share 🙂

    also,this is slightly off topic, but i’m really wanting to get into digital art and start working that way, do you have any tablet recommendations for someone who’s spent all their art life doing mostly traditional work?

    Liked by 1 person

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