What does my wardrobe hold? – My top 5 winter pieces.

Alright, since we are still technically in January that means winter is, not as unfortunately as it might seem, on the way out the door. I will be the first to admit that during these last days of winter I find myself browsing the internet for cute summer clothes just longing for a nice warm tropical holiday somewhere far away. I think that feeling is quite common once we get near the end of the winter months and thus you have to be careful not to splurge too much on those new chic summer essentials.
That’s why, to commemorate the winter of 2017,  I want to take you into the dark confines of my wardrobe to look at some of my oldie-but-goldie winter pieces from last year. Now this is a hard one to write because I have quite a bit of wintery clothes stuffed in there but this post goes out to the ones I love the most and use most often, so let’s take a look!


Grey Chunky Knit Sweater (H&M)

This chunky knitted sweater was a Black Friday snatch! I bought this, along with a few other pieces, from H&M last year and I must admit that I am pretty chuffed with this one in particular. Such a nice simplistic sweater that looks great with everything! Jeans, trousers, skirts, you name it! This sweater just works! And that’s why I love it.

Bottle Green Chenille Sweater (Saint Tropez)

Now this beautiful green sweater I actually wore for Christmas. it was my plan to wear it with a black and gold long pleated skirt but I couldn’t find any that where just the thing I was looking for. Thus I opted for my all too worn skinny black jeans and some snazzy black leather boots. It looked great at Christmas and it certainly looks great now. The green color is wonderful and brings a little something extra to my otherwise monochrome wardrobe. The chenille fabric is also just so soft and it has a really lovely sheen as well.


Black Skinny Jeans (GinaTricot)

These are my all-year-round, every-where-I-go, black skinny jeans. I bought these in Gina Tricot when I was visiting Denmark for the holidays and with the exception of being washed now and again, they have otherwise never left my legs! These are of course a wardrobe essential to me. I will keep buying black skinny jeans until the day I can’t squirm myself into a pair any longer.


Black Leather Boots (RiverIsland)

Now these are not quite the same as the ones River Island sells now but they come pretty darn close! I bought these last year at a last-minute discount offer and they just so happened to have one last pair in my size. I snatched them of the rack and have been in love ever since! These boots give a little bit of a raw edge to any outfit while all the same being an elegant shoe. The leather is good quality and they are easy enough to put on and off. They are also pretty easy to break into once you’ve bought them. It took me no time at all and hardly any blisters! Amazing! Great boots that I would recommend to anyone who looks to add a little extra bling to their feet.


Brown Leather Strapped Watch (Dyrberg Kern)

This watch was actually a Christmas present from my older sister and being the tight-knit family that we are, she knew exactly my style. Now I will readily admit that she hit the mark with this one! It’s an absolute gorgeous DyrBerg Kern watch. Dyrberg Kern is an amazing Danish brand that makes beautiful and elegant jewelry and watches. This watch is no different. Simplistic in design yet the brown leather adds a bit of flair. This watch adds a little bit of class to any outfit I put it with. Now I just need to look for a nice brown bag to match!

I hope you enjoyed this short look into my wardrobe! I think now that spring is just around the corner that it’s time for me to do a complete clean out of my closet. NOT looking forward to sorting through all that but I know I will be much better off and have much more peace of mind once it’s all said and done.

Thanks for reading,



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32 thoughts on “What does my wardrobe hold? – My top 5 winter pieces.

  1. Hiya!
    Just curious, are you thinking of making a Summer Version of this too?
    Would love to read that =)
    Have a great day!!


  2. I NEED to clean out my closet. Been needing to do that for just over a month now. I bought a bunch of new clothes from September-January, and now I need to get rid of things that either don’t fit, or that I don’t wear anymore. Wish me luck and willpower!

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  3. Great post as always but id love to know where you got your belt from! I’ve been looking for something exactly like it and i can’t seem to find one anywhere!


  4. That green sweater is my favorite out of the five! I feel like your wardrobe could easily be mine as well 😜 I mean: Black Jeans, Black boots, chunky sweaters… yeah! I like your style soooo much! I would like to see more decoration styling of your house/ office/ room. Whatever you want to share!

    Bit-snowy hugs from Mexico City!
    Have a nice week! 💕
    Love, Sara 💜

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  5. Absolutely love your style! Baggy sweaters, boots, skinny jeans and that BELT! I need to get me a belt like that honestly. Fun blogpost!

    I can really relate to wanting it to be summer real quick because my cutest outfits are mainly for warmer days.. (like dresses and shorts..). May the weather get warm again soon for the sake of fashion! 😛

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  6. I love your style! It’s really simple yet chic and I really admire that! I look up to you in so many ways! ^^

    Also, (just a sidenote/question) I was wondering. You’ve mentioned that you’re a twin, and that you two have been through some things to me. Well, being that I am one too, I’ve been curious to know more about your experience with your sister. Obviously you don’t have to, and I’d hate to pressure you if you feel it’s too personal. But ever since you first mentioned it on your channel I’ve been wondering. I feel that you’re an incredibly relatable person.

    Either way, I’m happy with anything you post. Love ya, Wiish! ^^

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  7. Hello Wiishu! Thanks for another blog post, I always get excited when I see a notification from you 🙂 For me, it is actually the opposite, in that I’m sad that winter is starting to end soon haha But your style is really cool and I like the green sweater, I’ve also been trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe.
    Have a good day!

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  8. I absolutely love your style choices and i’m obsessed with jumpers. lately your fashion post have inspired me for my looks and find myself buying a lot more monochrome items and refining my looks in a simplistic style. i would love to see more of these types of posts. keep up the good work. ❤

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  9. I am so jealous of those shoes! Boots, especially combat style boots, are my biggest wardrobe weakness. I wish I could get a pair like that. Your style is such an inspiration. I need to move away from the jeans and hoodies :p

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  10. One thing I love about winter and autumn is all the cozy clothes, blankets and hot cuppa tea. I hope we get a nice summer here in the UK, this year (*^▽^*)

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  11. I’ve always adored your style! I remember seeing some of these items on your youtube channel and loving them then! I think your gray knit sweater is my personal favorite haha 🙂 The more I see it, the more I want to buy it for myself!
    I relate to the summer longing feeling. As much as I love sweaters, the warm weather and lighter clothes are just so amazing and I cannot wait for the summer to get here!

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  12. Such a lovely blog post, as they always are! You have such amazing taste for fashion and to be completely honest, I’ve found myself copying your style lately haha! 😊👍🏻
    Also I have a question! Do you have any tips on how to find a good pair of black skinny jeans? I’ve looked everywhere but can never find any that I like.

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  13. Omg! I love your style! Your clothing style is my favorite style! It’s so cute! It would be so cool if you came out with a clothing line!♡
    Amazing post♡☆♡☆

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