How I’m Trying To Make Smarter (Clothing) Purchases In 2018:

I’ve wanted to make this post for a while now and though I don’t spend crazy amounts of money on stuff for myself, I still feel like I’ve made a lot more of: “I need this right now because it’s “in” and I want to ride the trend but I won’t use it for much else.”-types of purchases than I have of the: “This fits well and is something I will get a lot of use out of for a long time.”-types of purchases, you know?
So going forward into the new year I have decided I want to be smarter with my shopping. I want to really take the time to take a step back, stop myself from all the impulse buying and ask myself: Do I really need this?
I thought some of you might be interested in this too and thus I thought I’d make a small list of questions I want to ask myself before going to the counter to make the purchase.

Do I really need it? This is probably my first question to myself when I’m standing in line at the counter with my fourth pair of black skinny jeans, do I really need them? With jeans, if you have a pair in decent quality then a couple in your closet is enough to last you throughout the week but if all you have is some old, barely-clinging-together jeans, then go get yourself some new ones, it’s O.K.!
Though making sure to ask yourself this every time is a must. It deters you from the  countless uncertain impulse purchases and guides you more towards the things you really wanted to get.

Will it match with what I already have in my wardrobe? A very important question indeed! Fashion trends tend to change all the time, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few center pieces in your wardrobe that’ll always be “in”. Your basics essentially. Trench coats, leather jackets and skinny jeans all go into this category so you should aim to buy around your basics. That way, you will always have something to wear!

Do I have something similar to said item already? Usually this one is pretty easy to avoid but you can get into real trouble when shopping for basics! What do you need and how many of said item do you need, are questions that can get real tricky real fast! My advice would be to have a couple of each item in a couple of different basic colors. That should be more than enough to keep you looking fresh!

Is the quality good enough to last? Now this have always been difficult for me. My Achilles heel if you will. I love getting more for my money. Quantity over quality and all that. Not anymore! I’ve decided to change my ways (or try to at least)!
Now I’ll usually do this regardless when buying stuff like shoes and bags but I need to be pickier with my jeans, shirts and sweaters. I need to look for items that might be a bit more costly but on the other hand, will have the quality to match. That way, it’ll last me a long time and I won’t have to go shopping as often because I don’t have “anything to wear”.

Will I actively wear it on more than a few occasions? I usually falter in this category when it comes down to picking out shirts and blouses because they are the cheapest of the things I buy, which makes them really difficult (and really dangerous) to shop for. How many times have I bought something to wear for an evening out and then never worn it again? Many many times I’m afraid. That’s why I need to be smarter about my purchases and think about this question before I decidedly go to the check-out.

Does it fit the right way? God this is an important one. More often than not have I purchased something only to find that it didn’t fit me the right way. Usually it’s because I was uncertain in the shop but then decided to get it anyway. NOT ANYMORE.
Trying on your picks is a MUST. Go through every pose you could possibly go through in your day-to-day to make sure that it fits you right. Make sure that the skirt you would look great in doesn’t show something that should not be showing when you sit down. Make sure the blouse that you really like doesn’t fold in an unflattering manner when you walk around. Just make sure! Jump, squat, walk around and take a glance. Just make sure it sits right before you decide to buy it.


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14 thoughts on “How I’m Trying To Make Smarter (Clothing) Purchases In 2018:

  1. Thank you for this post Wiishu! I don’t shop for clothes often, and I usually need advice from friends to do so. I’m not very good at picking out things that will be useful to me but stylish at the same time. You have such a sensible approach to choosing clothing that will last and be useful.

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  2. This was super useful! Personally, I like to follow the 30 wears rule (asking yourself if you’re going to wear the item at least 30 times) any time I buy clothes, your questions just made sure the wardrobe you eventually end up with its functional. More than once I’ve bought stuff that even though I loved and found flattering later turned out to be bad because I had nothing to wear it with.


  3. I thought this was super helpful because I find myself needing to ask the same questions when buying anything (not just clothes). Have you also thought about where you buy your clothes from when it comes to shopping smarter? I don’t know how it is in the UK, but here in the US, we have a lot of thrift stores that I’ve tried going to first when shopping for clothes instead of going to a store to get something. I find it’s more of a green way to shop? Helps deal with the waste that is caused by the fashion industry.
    I love all of your blog posts and I can’t wait for the next one!


  4. God, I needed this. I, myself, am a certified impulse buyer. I don’t go out to buy often, so when I do I can’t help myself. But this advice will hopefully do me some justice in the future.

    Also, question, are you by any chance touring with Seán? I can’t recall if you said you would for this specific upcoming trip. It’d be great if you could see what – as Americans call it – ‘the South’ has to offer. I’m especially excited about Atlanta, and would love to possibly meet you in person. ^^


  5. I totally recommend watching “Justine Leconte” on Youtube, she knows the ins-and-outs of what makes a garment, accessories high quality. She goes into detail about how clothes should fit on your body and more importantly she really has taught me to become a conscious shopper and to be wary of fast fashion… BUT DAMN I LOVE ZARA!!! 😫

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  6. These are all important questions!

    I’m not a shopper per say, but one of the things I’ve always done if I’m unsure with something (after trying it on etc) is to carry it around the store while I keep looking. If I’m headed to the checkout and it still has my interest, I can buy it, but if I’m not as interested as I first thought, it goes back on the shelf. Another thing I do is go shopping with a friend I really, really trust. They always have a fair and reasonable opinion that I can rely on (although I’m more often the friend advising than the one shopping :p ).

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  7. Very useful tips! I tend to be an impulse buyer, ESPECIALLY when online shopping! These are great questions to ask when shopping, and I’ll definitely try to implement some of these into my own shopping habits 🙂

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  8. Omg I’ve totally bought a dress that I thought I looked super cute in, but when I got home and tried it on again, I thought it looked really bad for some reason! I think there was a part of me saying, ‘Oh my gosh I look so good in this I’m gonna wear this all the time’, but secretly I’ve never worn it and I feel super guilty about it 😦

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