Setting Fitness Goals For Myself In 2018.

So the other day I had a major success experience while working out. I challenged myself to run for a full 45 minutes and I succeeded beyond my own expectation. I ended up running 7.5 km (4.72 miles) which might not seem like a lot for the average accomplished runner but to me it was mind-blowing.
I have never been very fit in any sense of the word. I was pretty athletic when I was a child. Mostly because I was very outdoorsy and loved running around playing football with the other children but once I hit teenage-hood my interests drifted towards a more sedentary lifestyle. Running that far and for that long was an incredible achievement to me, personally, because I had done something I never thought I would be able to do again. That’s why today I thought I would talk a little bit about my feelings towards working out and what goals I want to set for myself in the future when it comes to fitness.

Now to preface people, I don’t particularly like working out. I’ve never been one to be enthused about the idea of sweating for 30-60 minutes in a gym. Getting into the mindset of working out is still a struggle for me even though I know that once I’m in it and once I’m done with it, I feel amazing. That’s usually the case, isn’t it? You dread something so much but once it’s done you feel accomplished and you feel like you can finally tick off that box on the day’s to-do. It works exactly the same way for me. Especially now that I have a somewhat decent fitness level and can keep going without feeling like I’m about to pass out.
Though despite the fact that I don’t enjoy working out I still very much enjoy the benefits of it. I like the feeling of giving my body a proper work out, I like feeling energized, I like that feeling of accomplishment you get after you’ve pushed yourself a little bit further than the last time, which is why it’s something I want to continue doing.
I think it’s important to push yourself to do a little better each time and set goals. Don’t set outrageous goals like you’re going to be able to run like Casey Neistat in one month (Have you seen the man? His running is insane!) because that’s just not something that’s physically possible. Set achievable and realistic goals instead. Something that’s out of your reach but is something that would be possible if you are diligent with yourself and keep working hard.

Here are some of my fitness goals for 2018:

  • I want to continue to work out regularly.
  • I want to find a way to make working out a more enjoyable part of my day.
  • I want to be able to run 10 km in 45 minutes.
  • I want to be able to do at least 10 pull ups.


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38 thoughts on “Setting Fitness Goals For Myself In 2018.

  1. These are great goals to have! I used to find excuses to not go to the gym because I didn’t want to embarrass myself using equipments I had little to no idea how to operate and so my workouts were mundane and ineffective. It was a little over a year and a half ago that decided to get help from a trainer who sort of took me under their wing; and after several consistent training sessions, my workouts became more enjoyable and I started seeing results. One thing that really helped me out was training or exercising in a group. Not only do you get to socialize, but also encourage one another! I wish you the best on reaching your fitness goals this year!

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  2. Hey man! Great job! For more on goal setting, please go check out my blog on SMART goals. I’m having trouble linking from my phone, but I posted it just before the new year.


  3. As someone who does swimming almost everyday for competitions, I can understand your struggle to try and fit it in while it’s enjoyable. I found putting into a sort of timetable for each activity I do a lot easier to manage, and being more organised meant I was more determined to do it and finish it, I don’t know how much it might work for you but just organizing it to fit into my day has made me enjoy it more because I don’t feel rushed or forced, which has massively improved my performance as well. Good luck in your future workouts!

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  4. 45 minutes? 7.5 km of running?! That’s incredible!! Just getting up the stairs leaves me breathless. But I can absolutely agree with the satisfying feeling after a work out. I have batminton lessons and I would hate going there because of the thought of extreme training but after that, it just feels so refreshing to know that I have gone through something I’d hate doing.

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  5. Hey Wiishu! I think it’s good that you feel proud of your accomplishments! Even if to other people who do exercise often may not see it as much, I think thinking of your goals and how it personally affects you is most important. Going step by step towards a goal usually does end up in success than taking huge leaps, because I feel like that can often lead to disappointment. Approaching small things are still successful big things, at least I think so. But, thanks for the post, and good luck on your workout!

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  6. ive never been one to be able to work out, since my asthma has gotten so severe, and i dont particularly enjoy it, but ive been doing it for my mandatory PE class and have felt super inspired. in fact last night i was able to wear shorts and a cropped top and looking in the mirror without having bad thoughts, i thought to myself i can lose this weight. i wish you the best of luck on your journey and thank you for inspiring me more! ♡

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  7. Hey Wiish! I’m super excited for you about this and would like to pursue a journey to a better lifestyle as well. I’m kind of in a bind, though…

    My mom is trying to lose weight and she’s looking to my sister and me for help (we’re no experts but we’ve always been skinny and actually enjoy working out) and she wants to do better for herself. I told her that there’s a lot more than what meets the eye, she’s a bit oblivious about the whole concept of getting healthy and slimming down. Up until we told her yesterday, she thought that getting sick is a good thing when it comes to workouts, though of course that’s not the case. She’s asking us to devise a health plan and I have no clue how, lol. Any useful guidelines? I’d love your insight on this stuff, it’s nice seeing you work hard to stay motivated and in good health. I devise my own health research all the time and would love suggestions from you about being and staying healthy. ^^

    (Sorry this is so long, btw)

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    1. I’m not qualified to give guidance on this stuff, so I can really only give you my story from my POV, which I don’t think would be very helpful. I would suggest looking up a dietitian or maybe a personal trainer? Good luck to you mom I hope she finds a routine that fits her and her wishes!

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  8. I hate working out but I love the buzz you get after it. I always did the “fun” version of exercise, which was playing sports. Being in college makes it a little bit harder though because it’s hard to get onto a real sports team and the casual teams don’t have practice. It’s been hard to figure out how to work around this, but having friends that want to work out with you definitely makes it easier!

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  9. I’ve been sat here trying to keep up my motivation to go to the gym, this being attempt number two because of the car being frozen this morning. You have posted this at exactly the right moment!! Fantastic achieving 7.5km in 45 minutes, and thank you so much for the motivation!! Keep it up!!

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  10. I don’t know if this would help you but I hated exercise too until I found Krav Maga which I really enjoy, and also horse riding when I was younger (when I could afford lessons).

    Maybe if you try to find a martial art or club that turns exercise into a game or something fun it’ll help, that way you look forward to the fun and games and the exercise is an extra you don’t think about until after you’ve done it and you’re feeling the benefits.

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  11. Those are great goals to have! Also, it’s awesome that you’ve come so far in your fitness goals 🙂 I’ve recently started running three times a week, so this post came out at the perfect time for me! It was great motivation and it was a reminder to set realistic goals for myself. Great post Wiish!

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  12. Seeing you talk about working out really motivates me to start doing it myself, thank you for that! I also hope that you’ll be able to achieve your goals this year, I believe in you 💪🏻

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  13. I’m glad your work out are giving a lot of energy I love when I work out because like you I don’t like it because after I’m done I feel so energized so good luck on your goals 💚

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