TV Binge – What Shows Have I Been Watching Lately?

Lately I’ve been obsessed with TV shows on Netflix. I don’t know how but I seem to have re-found my joy of sitting on the couch and watching TV. An urge I thought YouTube had eradicated from me a long time ago. However, as I mentioned before I’ve become quite smitten with just picking a show that looks interesting and leaving it on, either while I work or when I clean, just to have something to glance at once in a while. Though sometimes something will catch my interest and then I’ll be forced to pay attention to it. If a show captures me I could honestly go through it in just a couple of days (hence my tweet where I said I didn’t get any sleep the other day lol). Though a lot of you have since asked what shows I’ve been into so I thought that for today I would share some of my recent binge watches with you!

Documentaries and comedies are definitely my preferred category and I love shows that are modern and well shot. Something that not only is interesting but also visibly appealing and makes you awe at the beauty of it. Something like Cooked. Cooked is a four part documentary mini series about cooking. First starting with cooking with fire then water, air and finally earth. It stars acclaimed food-writer Michael Pollan and in it he talks about the invention of food and why we make food the way we do. He touches upon the simplicity of how we used to make food but also on how industrialism has taken that concept and made it so much more convoluted.
I loved how this show was paced. It made great sense for the topic and it was incredibly well shot to boot. That and the fact that I just love watching shows that involve either cooking or food in general! Speaking of cooking shows, I also recently binged Zumbo’s Just Desserts which is a competitive dessert making show kind of in the same line as the great bake-off. I’m normally not super into these types of reality-TV shows but I’ll admit, this show was fun and it was something easy to put on in the background. Plus these types of shows are always so dramatic which I find very entertaining.

Now I recently talked about this in my Five Highlights From The Month Of February post but another good show I’ve been watching that I want to emphasize on is Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. I won’t talk too extensively about it here since I already covered it but it’s just a nice, fun, feel-good show starring Jerry Seinfeld as he drives around in some cool cars and picks up fun comedians and takes them out for coffee. Definitely worth a watch.

Another good show I watched recently has been Queer Eye. Now I had been curious about this since I saw both TheAnnaEdit and LilyPebbles talk about it. Both seemed to really enjoy it so I figured, why not? I gave it a go and oh my god, what a fun show!
Now I had never watched the original Queer Eye so I was basically going in blind and I’m honestly so happy I did. By episode 4 I was bawling my eyes out at how great these five guys where. There was so much emotion and experience in this show and even though I know how TV works. I know that, if you think about it, the people in the show already know what’s going to happen before it happens. Still, I was so emotionally invested in it the whole way through and it left me feeling incredibly inspired because Queer Eye follows these five queer men who basically gives “life makeovers”. One does interior design, one does fashion, another does hair, food, etc. They basically give you the ultimate makeover as well as tips and tricks for you to uphold it afterwards. So seeing all of those makeovers left me feeling like I should start my own home improvement projects and really play around with cooking and hairstyles. It was just such an uplifting and fun show to watch. I wholeheartedly recommend it but some good advice is to remeber to bring tissues! Episode 4 is guaranteed to make you cry!

Those where just some of the shows I have dipped my toe into this year and really connected with. Good fun shows that have left me glued to the TV for way more time than I should have. However, that doesn’t mean the binge is over. No no! I thought I would leave this post with a short, so-called “To-Binge List” so that you can see what I’ve got my eyes on to watch next. Also, feel free to recommend a show down in the comments that you have been finding entertaining lately or maybe just a show that you think I might like, I’d love to hear about them! Thanks!

Shows On My “To-Binge” List So Far:

  • Minimalism – A Documentary About The Important Things.
  • Abstract – The Art Of Design.
  • Extremis.


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22 thoughts on “TV Binge – What Shows Have I Been Watching Lately?

  1. I recently watched Queer Eye. I’d heard about it but I have never been a big fan of makeover shows and the like. But while I was hanging out with a friend, she put on the first episode to watch and it was actually really good. I was surprised that I enjoyed as much as I did.
    And I completely agree, I think I felt like crying at the end of every episode! It’s so emotional!


  2. Ha, the last time i watched tv was when a thing about twenty øne piløts was on! And that was two weeks ago……now im just watching netflix like you!


  3. I recommend Frontier. It’s a history based drama that’s super interesting, and it actually teaches/shows you about what happened where and when the show is based ( vagueness intended ).

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  4. I have been obsessed with Riverdale and I actually need to watch last night’s episode. I really liked it, it’s way over the top on drama, but I enjoy watching it. And I’ve also liked American Crime Story since it came out. It getting really intense!

    I’ve wanted to watch the whole series of Abstract as well, I’ve only watched two episodes I think. I also want to watch Minimalist, that one sounds cool, as well as Cooked, I feel like I need to watch more documentaries. I am always on the look for new shows anyway, so hearing about what you’ve been watching!

    Hope you have a nice weekend!
    Love, Sara.

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  5. I’ve kinda been lost on something to watch lately and I’m really considering giving these shows a go. They all seem intresting, and I LOVE documentaries, so I’ll make note to watch these when I can. ^^

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  6. Netflix has always been my place to go for tv and movies…i have Hulu as well but sadly their streaming service doesn’t run as smoothly…i keep my tv running still in the background while i watch something online on my computer or tablet

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  7. I recently tried Ugly Delicious on Netflix. It is a food show that, while I have not watched a vast amount of it, comes across as very quirky and exploratory! Also, I have watched Minimalism, and it is a great documentary! Very thought provoking!

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  8. If anyone is interested in historical/period dramas, there’s a show called The Borgias (not Borgia, that version is terrible, compared to The Borgias) on Netflix, starring Jeremy Irons (Scar from the Lion King) and Holliday Grainger (one of the stepsisters in Cinderella). Game of Thrones, although not on Netflix is pretty amazing, far better than The Borgias in my opinion.

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  9. If you like sci-fi stuff you should definately check out Orphan Black. There are 5 seasons on Netflix right now, so that’ll keep you busy for a while.

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  10. You should definitely watch The End Of The F***ing World on Netflix if you can! It’s so good!! And it’s pretty short too – only 8 episodes, 20 minutes each. I binge-watched it in one day! 😀


  11. I have this habit of starting a show and get obsessed or watching a couple episodes and then dropping the show for a year. I’ve been watch more shows this year because of my friends, but even so. But some of these shows sound not only interesting, but short and easy to handle!

    And I know it’s technically a youtube channel, but Brave Wilderness is a nature show that’s a lot of fun to binge or put on in the background.


  12. If you are a Disney lover then you should definitely give Once Upon A Time a watch. It’s in its 7th season (and final season, unfortunately) and is absolutely one of my favourite shows ever. Basically, all fairy tales such as Snow White and Red Riding Hood and Cinderella all exist in a parallel world, essentially. The Evil Queen from the “Snow White” story takes her revenge on Snow and her Prince Charming by cursing the kingdom on the day of their child’s birth. The only way to break the curse is to transport Snow’s newborn child to our world, where she will return 28 years later to save the residents of the Enchanted Forest. After said 28 years, we meet Emma Swan. We also meet a little boy named Henry, who introduces himself as her son. He persuades her to leave Boston and take him home to Storybrooke, Maine, on the way telling her that his book of fairy tale stories is full of things that really happened. Emma, unconvinced, returns him to his adoptive mother, the Mayor (who is the Evil Queen).
    The show also uses flashbacks to switch between the current scenes in Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest world before the curse is enacted. It can be a little cheesy at times but in my opinion that adds to the fun of the show. There are also some great actors like Robert Carlyle in the show.
    Sorry if I haven’t explained it well, I’ve probably put you off already :/

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  13. I’m kind of where you were, Youtube has pretty much taken over in regards to what I watch, but seeing you talk about these shows has sparked my curiosity and I may have to check them out! Especially Cooked. That type of show sounds right up my alley and since it sounds fairly short, it sounds perfect for my binging needs 🙂 You’ll have to let us know how the other shows are as well and if you recommend them or not!

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  14. You should check out the Story of God with Morgan Freeman on Netflix! Only six episodes, but each episode is like an hour long though. I’m not a religious person, but I found it SO fascinating and you get some insight into several religions’ history and thoughts on life’s big questions it’s so well done.

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