Snack Attack – My Top Three Favorite Healthy Snacks:

Now I LOVE snacking. I just love eating in general and snacks are a great way to relieve that and if you’re going to be snacking, it might as well be in something that’s tasty but also good for you, right? Last time I wrote about my favorite healthy breakfasts to kick-start the day with and afterwards a lot of you asked for a post about my favorite healthy snacks as well, so I thought that today I was gonna give you exactly that!
Most of the snacks I’m sharing with you today takes little to no prep at all and is mostly just stuff that I throw together in a bowl whenever I’m feeling peckish. Fast and easy, it’s just what I do. Feel free to add your own favorite healthy snacks in the comments as well! I’m always looking for something new and delicious to munch on so suggestions are more than welcome!


First up is your favorite fruit with either some delicious almond butter or some low cal peanut butter.
Grabbing an apple on my way out has always been the easiest way to get in a healthy snack for me but it can become rather boring after a while. So to spice it up a bit, try adding a bit of your favorite healthy nut spread. IT’S SO GOOD.
Now usually I would go for the apple but I’ve recently discovered that apples aren’t very good for my stomach and I’ve had to switch to other fruits. However this does surprisingly work quite well with a variety of other fruits! There is just something delicious about the sweetness and saltiness together. It’s a combo you can never go wrong with.
I personally love to use almond butter but you can of course just swap the almond butter with something else or scrap it all together and just have a delicious piece of fruit instead. This is just a fun way to sort of “dress up” your average type of fruit and give it a little extra kick.


Secondly we have another favorite of mine, which is skyr mixed with either a teaspoon of almond butter or 100g of fresh strawberries. Now, I want to warn you before you jump in and start stirring all this stuff together: It’s going to look gross, real real gross, but trust me when I say that it tastes really really good.
I began doing this recently whenever I felt like having a snack in the evening. It’s fast, easy and delicious and skyr is full of protein and very little fat and carb which makes it a solid choice. Though it can be quite sour on it’s own which is why it just adds a little extra to mix it up with either some fresh strawberries or your favorite nut spread.
I know I talk about skyr a lot but it has basically become the foundation for all snacks I eat during the day, It’s just THAT good!


Light, delicious, foamy and most importantly warm. Is a good ol’ fashioned soy latte the perfect drink for when you are out and you need to quickly grab something on the road? I think so! It’ has definitely become my staple coffee beverage whenever I’m out or even just at home (though I haven’t quite found the right ratio of coffee to milk yet). Soya milk is light in taste and creamy in texture which just adds a nice flavor to your coffee. You can of course always add a little bit of natural sweetener as well if you are feeling really adventurous!

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16 thoughts on “Snack Attack – My Top Three Favorite Healthy Snacks:

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    for beginners. May just you please extend them a little from
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  2. My favourite snacks at the moment are either sun dried tomatoes hummus with GF bread sticks or just plain old peanut butter on gf cream crackers.
    I had to drastically change my diet and go completely gluten free so lots of my favourite foods were no longer agreeable and finding suitable alternatives took a while but these I could happily eat non stop.
    Not quite sure how healthy they are in the long run but cut out the crackers and bread sticks and they’re definitely a better choice than all the crisps I used to eat


  3. Healthy snacks are my absolute favourite! I never go a day without them! But to choose my favourite I’m gonna have to go with strawberries, I have a huge sweet tooth and these are like a god sent gift to me when I get cravings for something sugary!
    Another thing that I like is taking pita bread, cutting it into small pieces and dipping it in hummus! Now it’s now really THAT healthy but I enjoy it wayyyy too much not to eat it 😋

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  4. These all sound so yummy!! I’ll have to try these at my next dance competition! I love these food related posts you’ve been doing because I love trying new things. Some snacks I love to have are homemade hummus(any kind) with red bell peppers, chobani drinkable yogurts and dark chocolate covered raisins with yougurt!

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  5. I’ve been craving healthier snacks lately, so maybe I’ll have to try some of these snacks! I tend to reach for simple foods that require little to no prep, such as grapes, or celery with some delicious hummus. Yum!!

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  6. In our country skyr is not really popular. I personally haven’t heard about it yet. I am definitely going to try it! Hmm with peaches.. my fav fruits.. I could eat that all the time.

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  7. Awesome!!! My favourite snacks are similar, because I love fruits. Delicious tangerines and fresh blueberries are my favourites (the latter with yoghurt is to die for), and I wish I could have those more often! I also love ants on a log and smoothies 🙂

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  8. I don’t think I’ve ever tried any fruits other than apples with nut butter, I’ll have to do that! Thank you for the suggestions!
    I personally find myself relying on fruit smoothies or toast with homemade guac and beans (I know, the carbs!) for snacks, just because they are so easy!

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  9. I know my diet isn’t the greatest and it can be really hard for me to transition to healthy eating. These suggestions seem helpful, though I’d have to get a substitute for Skyr being that it’s not sold where I live.
    A great natural sweetner that i LOVE is honey. I love honey. Like a lot. And not the fake stuff with so many preservatives that the taste is downright terrible, but natural honey is an amazing sweetener, I find. When I can, I like putting it on anything to sweeten things up.

    So glad you posted this! I needed something to give me a wake up call. ❤ ^^

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  10. Whenever I snack healthy, I go for fruit with peanut butter as well. This isn’t as healthy, but I also like goldfish and hummus or crackers and cheese. Thanks for sharing though, this is definitely something I can use, being in college and surrounded by junk food!

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  11. When it comes to HEALTHY snacks, i love nuts and seeds and smoothies. My favourite smoothie at the minute is summer berries with almond milk, its so good! Im only now trying to check out non dairy milk and almond milk is my favorite so far. (≧∇≦)/

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