Going Down The Rabbit Hole – My song recs for the week

Yesterday I found myself at Sofie and PJ’s watching GBBO live, as you do on a perfectly normal Tuesday evening. Watching GBBO together has sort of become a thing for us Brighton dwellers at this point. Felix and Marzia, as well as Crabstickz, all came over and we had an all around great evening. We where just chatting about the good things in life when suddenly, in the late evening after everyone had gone home, Sofie and I found ourselves going down a music nostalgia road of old indie rock from the 2000’s. I never knew we had the same taste in old obscure indie music but as we went down this journey together, it soon became clear that this friendship had deepened on a whole new level! To celebrate this, I thought I would make a small playlist with all of my favorite songs from that time. I understand that everyone’s taste is different, especially when it comes to music but you might find something on this list, that you perhaps hadn’t heard off before and maybe it’ll broaden your music horizon just a tiny bit? That’s the hope anyway! Please enjoy this assortment of songs that I was, and still very much am, absolutely crazy about!

Now I don’t know a good way to go about making a public playlist but I will do my best to get one up and running as soon as possible. For now, this post is going to be very experimental but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

  1. Phoenix – If I ever Feel Better.
  2. The Black Keys – Lonely Boy.
  3. Passion Pit – Take A Walk.
  4. Two Door Cinema Club – Undercover Martyn.
  5. John Grant – GMF.
  6. Cage The Elephant – Come A Little Closer.
  7. Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks.
  8. The Black Keys – Little Black Submarine.
  9. MGMT – Kids.
  10. Kaiser Chiefs – Ruby.
  11. The Kooks – She Moves In Her Own Way.
  12. Cage The Elephant – Shake Me Down. 
  13. Bombay Bicycle Club – You Already Know.
  14. The Black Keys – Tighten Up.
  15. MGMT – Electric Feel.
  16. Passion Pit – Little Secrets.
  17. John Grant – Pale Green Ghosts.
  18. Cage The Elephant – Cigarette Daydreams.
  19. Vampire Weekend – A-Punk.
  20. The Black Keys – Gold On The Ceiling.
  21. Cage The Elephant – Spiderhead.
  22. Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know.
  23. Bombay Bicycle Club – Always Like This.
  24. The Black Keys – Fever.
  25. Cage The Elephant – Telescope.


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23 thoughts on “Going Down The Rabbit Hole – My song recs for the week

  1. This playlist gave me some serious nostalgia. Just add The Rakes, The Maccabees, Hot Chip, Cut Copy, The Automatic, Cold War Kids, Foals and Klaxons (and Keane which I’m a bit ashamed to admit, I was a big fan of) and you’ve got my playlist 100% right. Oh how I miss the Myspace days. Glad you shared this 🙂

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  2. Saw this when you posted it but just brushed it off because life is busy you know. However today i needed to get out of my head and found that those songs were perfect for that. So thank you.

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  3. I’ve been looking for an excuse to listen to all of these artists for such a long time now, I dunno why I never got around to it. I consider myself ‘musically ambiguous’, so I quite enjoy all kinds of genres for different reasons. I’ll try to dedicate some time to listen to them. Thanks for the suggestion ^^


  4. Thank you for sharing this! I have a fairly picky taste in music, and I’m always searching for new music to try! I’ll have to give these a listen. Do you think you’d ever do a blog post about your current favorite music?


  5. I love this list and looking back at this type of music! Passion Pit and Cage the Elephants are especially near and dear to my heart!

    I don’t know if it fits this style, but a song I listened to around the same time as these was Lampshades on Fire by Modest Mouse.

    Thank you so much for the nostalgia trip!


  6. I’ve listened to some songs, and I must certainly say you have excellent taste in indie music. I’ve discovered a (not necessarily) new music genre to explore!

    I am curious though (and I apologize if you’ve answered this in the past, I have the memory of a goldfish), do you have other creative mediums that are nostalgic for you? Maybe visual arts or films/animations or literary works you like going back to now and again? I like learning those things about people, they give me a good perspective on who they are, ya know?

    Anyway, I loved the post, and I’m super jealous you got to go to that show. Glad you enjoyed it! Looking forward to the next post from you. 🙂


  7. That rabbit hole DROPS down to a whole sleepless night of nostalgia. Thank you for sharing, some of these I’d not heard of! 💕


  8. Why don’t you write why you like the bands / songs?
    What makes them special to you?

    A list of songs is just a list, why not make it more meaningful by talking about how they make you feel. 🙂


  9. I was in a shock when I started going down this playlist and found so many songs I still listen to on a daily basis! I didn’t knew exactly the type of music you liked and this was such a nice surprise!
    I hope you have a good (Lamaist gone) Wednesday!
    Love, Sara 💜

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  10. Eyyyy, The Black Keys! Me and you both, Signe! And Cage The Elephant! Will definitely give the rest of the songs a listen. Thank you for the recommendations, and I hope you’re having a good time.

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  11. This blog post comes at the perfect time! I’ve been in such a music rut and it’ll be interesting to discover and rediscover some of these bands. Thanks, Signe!

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  12. I love Little Talks! I’ll be sure to check out these songs, you have great taste! When you tweeted about it, I was hoping you would make a blog post or playlist so I could check out the songs.

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