Christmas shopping: 4 tips to rest easy during the Holidays.

Christmas shopping: 4 tips to rest easy during the Holidays.

The calendar now says 1st of December and the Holly Jolly Christmas month has begun! Usually I would be horribly unprepared for it. It ALWAYS seems to sneak up on me (though the many lights and decorations should probably have been my hint in early November.) However this year I, for once, seem to have gotten the jump on good ol’ December. My Christmas shopping is almost complete and the house is beginning to look and feel like the Christmas i so desperately crave. This didn’t happen over night though, it took lots of planning and countless of hours of work. So here’s 4 tips for getting through the stressful Christmas shopping!

Wishlists makes everything easier!

If you know what people want it’s much easier to figure out what to get them. That goes for you too of course! So make yourself comfy and jot down some things you’ve been needing or are wishing for this Christmas. Make sure it’s affordable and tangible, not something outrageous like peace on earth! Ask your loved ones to do the same and exchange them during December, that way you have an easy starting point.

Categorizing is important!

Once you have figured out what to get, you need to start thinking of where to get them. Dividing your presents into easy shopping categories ex. Beauty, Fashion, Tech, etc. Is a good way to quickly get an overview of which places you need to visit for what you need.

Budgeting is necessary!

Budgeting, yuck! I hate that word! I have always been the kind of person who wants to give people exactly want they want no matter the cost! Sadly, life doesn’t work that way. We all have bills to pay and other adult things to take care of so budgeting is, of course, needed. Figuring out how many people you need to give gifts to and how much you can afford to spend on each one is essential for securing you don’t go broke during the Holidays.

Online shopping saves time!

One key thing i have found to have helped me tremendously this year has been online shopping. AMAZON has been my best friend during my holiday preparations and i have found a tonne of amazing gifts for even more amazing prices that way. It saved me so much time and hassle and the packages would come within a couple of days, with plenty of time to spare for wrapping. Plus scouring the web is a lot easier than running through multiple stores searching for the perfect present!

Those where my 4 tips for the seasonal shopping! Christmas can be stressful and finding the perfect present is always tough but hopefully you can now rest a little easier and enjoy the season!
Thank you so much for reading!




Sweater season: Three warm winter looks

Sweater season: Three warm winter looks

This season is (for me anyway) always ALL about those winter warmers! I love sweaters and so I thought i would include some of my favorites in a sort of “experimental” lookbook blog post. I used only one pair of pants and put three different sweaters with them to create some casual winter looks.

Let’s start things off with sweater number one:

This one is an old piece by now but I still love the dark green color of it, it goes so well with just about anything! The material (which doesn’t show up very well in the picture) is quite fuzzy which makes it nice and warm in the winter. That however, also means it sheds quite a bit of fluff so I sadly don’t wear it as often as I would like. It’s otherwise a nice and practical sweater, one that will keep you feeling warm and looking stylish all throughout the cold cold winter months!

The next sweater is an old classic from the closet.

A simple ribbed black high neck piece to match that gloomy winter weather. Black goes with everything so I chose to style it with some silver accessories and my favorite leather boots! This sweater is not quite “cropped” but it is definitely on the shorter side so pairing it up with your favorite jeans is definitely also a viable option! A simple yet comfy sweater for a laid back winter look!

The last piece is my absolute favorite!

You’ve probably seen it pop up on my Instagram quite a bit lately! This sweater has breathed new life into my wardrobe. I bought it a couple of months back and I’ve loved it so much I’ve worn it night and day. Heck I’ve nearly slept in it!

It’s a light beige sweater with golden threads sown into it which gives it a very flattering shimmer. It fits perfectly with a pair of fluffy leather slippers which I think creates a stylish yet also super comfortable look, and if there’s anything I wish I could combine more of it’s fashion and comfort!

So there you have it!

Three simple sweater looks for the cold dark winter season! Please tell me if you like these types of “lookbook” posts and if you would like to see more of them.
I’m also sorry for both the quality of the images as well as this being shot in my living room but you make do with what you have, am I right? ; – )

Thank you so much for reading!



An update post: Where have i been?

An update post: Where have i been?

I know it has been awhile since my last post and i wanted to thank you all for the positive messages I’ve received on it. It warmed my heart to read! However, I admit I have been slacking in blog content lately which has partially been because I’ve been busy but also partially because I’ve been lazy (whoops!). So to make up for that, here is what I’ve been up to since my last post!

In the beginning of September was PAX West, which was a blast! It was so nice seeing and hanging out with our American friends again. Coming home from that however I realized that the merch stuff I had set in motion wasn’t progressing so I had to stop working with that company and find another one that could do the same type of stuff, plus make all new designs. It has worked itself out by now and things are now moving forward but it did end up taking a lot more time than i had initially planned.
At the end of September was Sean’s trial tour with his new live show: “How Did We Get Here?”. I couldn’t go and had to stay home, which was fine because I thought I could FINALLY get some writing done!… I didn’t get any writing done. I got lazy and spent the entire week playing video games as well as prepping videos for The next tour.

Arin, Danny and Sean on stage at the Apollo O2 in Manchester.

Fast forward to the beginning of October. Sean comes home overjoyed about the success of his trial tour and incredibly excited about doing more only to find himself with two days to prep for the next tour with The Game Grumps called Ready Player 3. I had already used my week off for prep so I took those two days to try and help him out in any small way I could. After that we went on a very delayed flight to Amsterdam to meet up with The Grumps and from there on out, the next two weeks went by incredibly fast. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever had the privilege to attend and I am forever grateful for the opportunity that was given to me. We went through so many beautiful cities in so many countries. First Amsterdam then Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen (my personal favorite), Cardiff, London, Manchester and at the very end Dublin. It was an experience I will never forget so thank you to everyone who came out to those shows, you made driving 24 hours cross country absolutely worth it!

But here we are! All caught up and Now onward towards the rest of November and most definitely December and Christmas times! Which i am very much looking forward to!

Thank you so much for reading and thank you for being patient with me on my hopefully fun but granted very messy and unorganized blogging adventures!

Delicious Autumn Æblegrød (Apple Sauce With Cream):

Delicious Autumn Æblegrød (Apple Sauce With Cream):

Today was one of the colder, sunnier days of September and it got me craving one of my favorite things to eat during this time which is Æblegrød. Æblegrød or Æblemos is the Danish word for apple sauce and we love to make it during this time of year where we can go pick the apples in our gardens ourselves and enjoy them. One might say it’s just pure HYGGE!
Anyway, Æblegrød is super easy to make so i thought i would share it with you guys on the slight chance that you might want to try it out for yourselves!

apple porridge
All the tools you’ll need

Now this is a very loose go-with-the-flow type recipe but i hope you’ll still enjoy it regardless! However, first things first, you’ll need a few things to get started:

  • 6 apples
  • Vanilla
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • A peeler or a knife
  • A teaspoon
  • A tablespoon
  • A pot

Start off by peeling the apples and removing the cores. Afterwards cut the apples into small pieces and pour all of them into your pot. Add a tiny bit of water (just enough to cover the bottom of the pot) and pour in 3-5 tbsp of sugar and a tsp of vanilla.
Leave this to boil on very low heat until the apples have become completely soft and the water has disappeared. Be careful not to let it burn!
When it’s finished, pour the sauce into a bowl and leave it to cool down. Once it’s completely cooled, enjoy it with some milk or cream (whichever you prefer) or just eat it on it’s own!
You can also add cinnamon or other spices to the sauce if you want to give it a little extra kick, though i usually prefer it just as it is with a small bit of cream on top. Yum!

And that’s that! Easy, delicious and a super fun thing to do on a cool autumn day!
I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading!





It’s been on my mind for A LONG TIME. When I say a long time, I honestly mean it. It’s been one of those things that I’ve always said ‘i’m not good/creative enough to uphold something like that’. But now I have FINALLY done it…


I’ve started a Blog!

You’ll have to be patient with me as i struggle with the first few (possibly MANY) posts. The quality will not be super and the topics probably not incredibly interesting, but this is something I’ve always wanted to try so, well, this is me trying!

There are a few reasons as to why this Blog now has become a thing. To begin with, I, myself, has always enjoyed Blogs. They are full of creativity, are easy to scroll through and i could spend hours reading paragraphs of where my favorite people have been, what they’ve seen or just simply what they’ve been up to.

I also just wanted to try a new medium. Talking in front of people or, in my case a camera, has never been my strong suit and i’m still struggling with it on YT. Here i don’t have to talk, i can just type and even though i fear some things might be misconstrued or lost in context, i am much more comfortable in this space.

So here we are, my first Blog post! I hope you like it and that you will continue to support me in my little en-devours because your support really means the world! ❤

Happy reading!